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The ski boots Roxa Chameleon have a very simple and intuitive adjustment system. Naturally easy! Try it right now!

Roxa Chameleon has an International Patent, a guarantee of high technical value and uniqueness in the ski market!

The shell is made of Polyolefine, durable, stiff and very light weight. To have always the maximum ski performace!

- Adjustable ski boots ROXA CHAMELEON

Designed expressly for your kids! Are ideal to accompany the growth with the innovative control "6 sizes in 1" which allows the boot to adapt over time to the growth of the child's foot, so comfortable and very technical. Lightweight materials, innovative and very resistant, fit easy and intuitive, closing fast and secure with two levers that guarantees a perfect fit around the foot and leg. The inner shoe made with special materials that always guarantee feet warm and dry throughout the day! Size adjustment simple, with just two screws!

Roxa Chameleon, very simple size adjust!
Only 2 screws! The Junior ski boots Roxa Chameleon have an easy and intuitive extension system. In a few minutes You can adjust the size using only a simple key that came with your box! You can simply remove the two screws at the heel and slide it forward. Nothing could be simpler! You just have to fix everything and you're done. Incredible!
Roxa Chameleon is a product guaranteed for 2 years against production defects. Chiakite Skates Shop also provides to Customers the most important genuine parts like innerboot, buckles, tongue and heels, for extra durability.

The fantastic collection 2015/16 of Roxa Chameleon Junior Skiboots includes a wide selection of bright colors and fashionable, designed specifically for your mini skiers, rightly divided between Girls and Boys to bring out their personality and their style! Made of injected Polyolefine, a unique mix of structural hardness and good lightness that make it ideal for ski products dedicated to children. Innerboot soft and comfortable, easy to wear and with extendable system in tip. Tho buckles closing, one on the hull and one on the cuff to a optimum support safely. Adjusting system safe and easy to use, only two screws!


- SIZE 2: from 180mm to 215mm (Adjustable)
- SIZE 3: from 220mm to 255mm (Adjustable)
You can buy directly from site of Chiakite Skates Shop. Is so easy, no need to be measured! Find your size with the help of the published table, choose the color an place your order directly on line. Will be delivered within a few days at home by Courier.

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